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We will remove to the best possible degree all scratches and dents from your watch case and give it the desired finish before the plating procedure. Unless otherwise requested by you, we will refinish it as much as possible to its original look, or we may give it a look that we think it's best considering its condition. This is a term you must agree with when you send your watch case to be refinished (please click here for Terms and Conditions).


We will than have it re-plated it in the color of your choice (click here for available colors).

Case backs

We will also remove to the best possible degree any scratches from your stainless-steel case back and re-finish it as close as possible to the original finish or in any of the finishes of your choice from the list of available finishes. Click here for available finishes). It is also possible to fill any holes or deep scratches from your stainless-steel case back and from the majority of plated and gold-filled case backs.

Worn out cases

It is also possible to fill any holes or extremely worn areas. In these cases, we need to examine your watch case in person and an estimate will follow before proceeding with any work. A general idea of the cost can be given if a high-resolution picture is emailed to us at (Tere is a minimum charge of $100 on all watch cases that require work apart of polishing and refinishing, such as soldering and filling). There are several techniques to repair watch cases and we decide on which one to use after inspection. Estimates are free of charge, however, shipping fees apply (click here for shipping rates).

Gold filled cases

On gold-filled watch cases we do not strip out any gold left on the case. What we do, is buff out the surface to remove scratches and dents and than re-plate with gold and finally give an even finish. To fill in any holes we use gold solder or gold laser soldering in certain cases where high heat cannot be used. Other techniques may be used to fill in deep engravings on gold-filled case backs (This type of work may take up to 90 days or more to complete and deliver).



When you prepare your watch case for our watch case refinishing service please make sure that you have removed the following:


  1. The crystal

  2. The bezel

  3. The movement (Do not send movement)

  4. Also any removable push buttons

  5. Case tube, especially for screw down crowns

  6. And the watch bracelet

  7. And any other removable part of the case or bracelet.


If the push buttons, crown and watch hands need refinishing, please place them in a SEPERATE plastic bag or envelope and we will make sure they are refinished as best as possible for an additional fee (please click here for pricing).


You will need to send the case-back as well, to make sure it will snap back after replating. If you do not wish to have it repolished/refinished, please mention it in instructions. We will only plate the case back if it's part of the original finish or as per your request. 

*IMPORTANT!* You must specify in the customs declaration form that the items you are shipping are: "Watch cases and parts to be restored and returned".


If you don't do that and we are charged with import duties, additional fees will apply to cover this amount.

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It is also possible to refinish crowns (the stem must be on the crown when shipped), push buttons and watch hands for an extra fee. The average charge to plate/refinish such items is $10-$15 per set of buttons or watch hands, depending on their condition. If costs exceed the average an estimate is given before proceeding with any work.

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