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Here's what some of our customers have to say about us!

Well, I must say has most certainly been redeemed in my opinions. I cannot express how impressed I am with the quality of your work! MOST EXCELLENT!! Thank You, I will be sending more work your way, Regards Shawn (Canada)

I would cut a long story short , and say that i had sent a vintage russian alarm watch case and two crowns with the plating worn out for nickel re-plating, The case in it's original condition was well used and worn out , After 2-3 emails, my watch case and crowns were already on the way to for the treatment. Once I had gotten my watch parts back from the re-plating service (quick shipping and great customer service) I was absolutely stunt by the quality of work done on the case - it was looking like brand new! perfect re-plating, thank you :) D.B. (Israel) has consistently impressed me with their high quality case refinishing services, which as a vintage watch dealer has been invaluable to me. Robert Laughlin Antique Trebor's Vintage Watches (Canada)

The two wrist watch cases were returned in better than expected results. Both look like new although both were produced in the 1930's and had considerable wear when shipped to you. I am putting together more wrist watch case as well as some pocket watches. Bill Marshall. (USA)

I want to thank Peter of, they did a great job to gold plate my Seiko Monster watch. did a very professional job. Excellent! They polished the case first and later they gold plate the hole case. It is very nice done. The communication with is very good thanks to Peter! I can not wait to send my next watch for a professional gold plating treatment! Best Regards, Antoon Maillé (Holland)

Hi Peter, Just a note to thank you for the really Great job you did in refinishing my Zenith watch case. If you remember, the case was in very poor condition, a base metal case with lots of scratches and some gouges. Most of the chrome plating had worn off and the SS back was dented. The case came back from you looking better than it did new. The rhodium finish looks SS and all of the imperfections are gone. The end result, with a refinished dial, is stunning.Thanks again and another case is on the way. Regards, Russ Keller (USA)

I have received the case back and would like to thank you for your sterling work in reviving this case. I will send any cases that need work on them and will promote your company if I get the opportunity. I am only a amateur hobbyist but sometimes other people ask for info on case restoration too so I will be able to recommend you. Regards, Dave (UK)

Peter - I received the cases back yesterday - they look great! I don't know what they would have looked like new, but your finished product must be close. I can't believe the difference with the cases that had the brassing and the cases that were heavily pitted. I'll definitely send you of my future project watches. Thanks, Kevin (USA)

Dear, I just received my watch case and I am writing to say that you did a brilliant job restoring and replating it. I am so happy with the work you did. Thank you so much! Best wishes, Brian Ashley (USA)

I just received the package back with watchcases. I found new old cases and surprising quality work that bluffed around me. I must thank you for your great attention and professionalism, I will not miss future opportunity to value your talent... My best greetings for you, Francis (France)

I am glad Peter launched this site, as it gives me the opportunity to publicly express my utmost satisfaction with his work. I am a vintage watch enthusiast who has trusted Peter with my dearest possessions for the last few years. I have lost the precise count, but I am certain that no less than 20 of my darlings have passed through his gifted hands: for gold, nickel and rhodium-plating, and a few with SS cases for polishing and restoration. As a frequent client, I suppose I should have grown accustomed to the exceptional quality of his work, but I am not. Every time, upon pick-up, I wonder at the magic transformation: Is this immaculately perfect object in my hand the same worn-out and pitted case I brought a week ago? (As an architect, I feel occasionally the same after a successful building renovation.) Turning age and distress back around is an art Peter is decidedly a master of. Congratulations! Dimiter Christof (Montreal, Canada)

The quality of your work on all my Watch cases is beyond reproach, collector grade and museum /display quality, and other replaters "pale in comparison"...Always 110% in every respect including price, and look forward to ongoing future business. Peter Barrett (Canada)


I was just waiting until all the work on my “project watch” was finished before sending you pictures. I am very pleased with your work! The watch looks brand new!

It was good luck to find a replacement for the original case which was badly corroded. The problem was the replacement was stainless steel and it needed to be gold plated.

Finding your service was great luck! Thank you! I have given my watch repairman your card. He hadn’t heard of you. There’s nothing comparable here in Vancouver.

Again, thank you. I look forward to dealing with you again in future.

Stay safe.

Daniel, Vancouver

I send RePLATEit a vintage 1930/40 watch case in absolutely terrible condition with the hope of just covering the poor condition plate with some kind of shiny surface - also included was the crown and two chronograph push buttons. What was returned to me was a revelation - was this really the watch case + bits that I sent out ! The plating quality of the case and accessories were just astounding. RePLATEit are alchemists and wizards! I live in the UK and send some re plating work to a local firm and regret the effort - the standard was poor and the cost was greater. In future all work goes to RePLATEit and I will recommend them to all my friends and like minded vintage watch collectors. Best wishes Robbie Evans (UK)

Dear Sirs, Just received my watchcase,case-back and watch hands back. What EXCELLENT work you people do. In my opinion this is MUSEUM QUALITY RESTORATION work. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Dave Spickler (USA)

Fantastic Job of replating this circa 1970's Sicura Jump-hour watch. Note the excellent preservation of the combination brushed-polished case sides, which is especially impressive considering the unusual barrel shape. has done three watches for me and I've been very satisfied with the quality of the work and the turn-around time. All of this, plus a great price is unbeatable. Peter confirmed exactly what I wanted before moving forward and communication was great...I highly recommend them!
Joe C, Brooklyn, NY

Case arrived today. Another beautiful job. Very pleased. We'll do more business, I'm certain. Sincerely, Bruce Shawkey (USA)

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