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How much do you charge to re-finish/re-plate a watch case?


It always depends on the condition of the case refinished (pitting, worn areas and etc.), on the thickness of the plating required and also on the kind of finish required (high polish, partially brushed, two tone and etc.). Please refer to our pricing list for more details by clicking HERE

Do you do Chrome Plating?


California laws prevent us from equipping ourselves to do chrome plating. We do Nickel and Rhodium plating instead.

What is the turnaround time?


It all depends on the complexity of work needed to be done and on the current load of work we have. Usually a regular re-finishing/re-plating service of a watch case or a piece of jewelry may take an average of 6-8 weeks plus delivery time. However, this shall not be used as a guaranteed delivery time as it is a variable that we have no control over. If additional work is needed (repairing/filling/soldering), we will require more time depending on the degree of work done. In this case, it may take an average of 16 weeks or more to complete the work. In order for you to identify such difficult to restore items, we have set up a web page with selected pictures of such items. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS PAGE

Please note!  This shall not be used in any way as a guaranteed delivery date. We are not able to provide estimated delivery dates or turnarounds, nor can we provide updates on your order. We kindly ask that you are patient and allow the time needed to complete the work. Afterall, a well-done job requires time and patience. 

How long will the plating last?


This will depend on the thickness of the plating you decide to plate (click here for details), how often the item is used, and also on the person using the item (different people have different degrees of skin acidity). The minimum thickness for gold plating watch cases is 5 microns. For jewellery gold plating minimum is 1 micron. For thicker plating an estimate is always given up on examination of the piece.

How thick can you plate?


For gold, silver and nickel we can plate at almost any thickness desired. Rhodium plating is limited to 0.5 micron as these are only decorative. Pink gold can be build up in a thickness of about 4 microns. 

Am I going to be notified when you receive/send out my item(s) to be refinished?

We typically do not send receipt confirmations when a package comes in, nor do we track packages on their way here so there is no need to send us the tracking number. However, we will contact you by email once we have processed the order for an estimate. This may take a few days or more depending on the backlog we have. If you need a receipt confirmation before your order is processed for an estimate, please use the tracking number your postal service has provided you.

Once your order is ready to be shipped, an invoice will be emailed to you indicating your order is ready to be shipped within a few days. An automated email will also be sent via USPS with the tracking information. If you do not receive it and it is not in your spam box, please email us and we will provide you with the tracking number.


How should I ship my order to you?


Please use your local post office service. Please DO NOT use any courrier service such as UPS, Fedex and DHL. They will automatically charge brokerage fees regardless of the customs declaration. Additionally, we do not use a front counter and we are not able to receive packages from courier companies. If the package is too large for our mailbox or if the delivery requires signature, United States Postal Service will leave a note for us to pick up any packages from the local Post Office. For our shipping address please click HERE.

Can you make a brushed finish on my watch case?


Yes. Depending on the form of the case, we can brush finish the sides of the case or the top of the lugs or even make a circular brushed finish on your bezel or case back. It is also possible to sandblast certain areas of your case or case back (Please click here for samples of the available finishes).

Are you able to repair dents and holes on watch cases?


Yes. Basic refinishing includes removal of normal scratches and dents, furthermore extended problems like extremely worn areas or holes require an estimate and extra fees apply apart from the basic refinishing/re-plating charge(minimum of $100 on all work aside of just buffing, such as soldering, filling etc.). In this case we will need to examine the watch case in person to decide what method of repair we will need to use and an estimate of the costs will be given. furthermore if a high resolution picture is send by email at a rough idea of the costs can also be given. This type of work will take approximately 90 days to complete and deliver.

My tracking number shows the package needs to be picked up from the local post office.

There is no need for concern. USPS will hold packages for up to 14 days. Unfortunately, we are not able to physically be at the USPS location on a daily basis. Please be patient and your package will be picked up within that timeframe. Please allow time for processing. 

My tracking shows the package is delivered and I have not yet received an estimate.


Please be patient. We pride ourselves for the quality of work we do and for the affordable prices we offer. However, quality work requires time. We will process your order as quickly as we can, and we will email you with all the details needed in due time. 

Can I drop off my order in person?


All orders are processed by correspondence only. Subsequently, all orders must be shipped to us via USPS. If, however you wish to drop off your order through our mail slot, you may do so at any time. Please make sure that the package is no larger than 5.5" X 1.9", otherwise the package may not fit. 

When shipped via USPS, the post office will hold packages for up to 14 days. We regularly visit our local USPS office so please do not be alarmed if it hasn't been picked up yet.

Can you process a RUSH order?


It is our STRICT policy to NOT work with deadlines or with rush orders.

Can you convert pocket watch cases in to wrist watches?


Our work is limited to the cosmetic aspect of a watch case.

What is the procedure?


Simply ship us your items to be re-plated (for watches please send only case and case back without movement and strap) along with complete contact info and instructions at the following address: 503 Riverside Ave. Roseville CA, 95678 USA. Once your parcel has been received a job ticket will be made and your order will be processed. If the costs exceed the average charge (click here for price list) we will than contact you with an estimate and wait for your approval. Once the order is complete and ready to ship, we will send you an invoice with the total and wait for your payment. When payment has been cleared we will than ship you back your items.

Why don't you offer the disassembly service and insist on having only the watch case shipped to you?


It's very simple. We are a watch case refinishing and re-plating workshop, so our specialty is to work on the watch case itself and its parts only. Having to do the disassembly would slow us down from our work and that would mean a considerable increase of cost which would affect our pricing to the customer. The majority of our customers are already watchmakers or collectors and dealers which means they can do the disassembly themselves and save on the final cost. However, we are looking into offering a VIP service in the near future. This service will be designed to cover the needs of retail customers that have no knowledge on watchmaking.

Will I have to pay duties when I receive my pieces/watch back?


Normally you should not be charged any duties. Duties are paid on sold merchandise and not on services. We mark packages as "Returned merchandise". If you are charged duties, please contact your local customs office.

How can you be so competitive for the quality of work you do?


It's very simple. We have eliminated middleman and every process is done strictly IN HOUSE. After many years of research & development, we have developed in house techniques that enable us to achieve an excellent quality for a fraction of the cost without compromises. Also, we spend time getting work done rather than interacting too much with each customer. This means we can get more work done during the day.

Do you ship worldwide?


Yes, we proud ourselves of doing business across the world. Furthermore payment must clear before returning any pieces/parts refinished/re-plated. For our shipping address please click HERE.

What methods of payment do you accept?


We accept U.S. cheques payable to HELVICO, and all major credit cards THROUGH PAYPAL at or ( is c/o Helvico Corp.) Typically a payment request is emailed via once the order is ready to be shipped. Payment can be done using all major credit cards using the link provided. 

Didn't find the answer you're looking for? Email us right now at: or use the "Contact Us" form.

How can I order from your watch band catalogue?


Please visit our new online store at: 

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