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SHIPPING/MERCHANDISE IN TRANSIT, operated by Helvico Capital Group Corp., will not be held responsible under any circumstances for lost or stolen items during transit from the customer to's responsibility on items/merchandise shipped back to the customer will be limited to the amount insured by the shipping or insurance company the customer has chosen from the list of available shipping services offered by and accepted by the customer/receiver. *IMPORTANT!* You must specify in the customs declaration form that the items you are shipping are: "Watch cases and parts to be restored and returned". If you don't do that and we are charged with import duties, additional fees will apply to cover this amount as well as POSSIBLE DELAYS.



Result may vary depending on the condition, material and shape of the item worked on. We will do our best possible to restore and refinish your item or watch case to the closest original condition. Certain finishes are not possible to reproduce, but we always choose the best style of finish based on the actual condition and shape of the item. If we believe it will not look good, we will not do it. There are a lot to take in consideration when restoring and refinishing an old piece or watch case. We take the initiative to go ahead and do whatever we believe the best, and most decisions are taken on the spot while working on the piece. This is a term you need to accept in order to send us your items to be refinished and re-plated. Under any circumstances we will be the judge to determine if a watch case or watch part sent for re-finishing is worthwhile re-finishing. There are a number of reasons why you would consider re-finishing a watch case, it will be up to you to decide if its worth re-finishing or not.



​​It is our strict policy not to process rush orders or to work with deadlines. You must understand and agree that restoring old pieces is a time consuming process. In order to offer extremely competitive prices and high quality, you must allow the time needed. This is a term you must agree with before sending in your project. We deeply appreciate your co-operation in this matter.



Case tubes left on the watch cases, especially Rolex type screw down tubes, may be affected from the refinishing process. Despite our best efforts to protect them, they might have to be replaced after the refinishing and re-plating process. This is why we strongly recommend to remove them prior to sending for refinishing. This will ensure a better quality finish and it will also protect the tube.



We will not be held responsible under any circumstances for mechanical problems occurred on the movements or other parts during transit and/or disassembly by our watchmaker on watches that are shipped to us complete and not as instructed, completely disassembled with the movement removed. Please make sure not to send your watches complete. Additional fees may apply if during re-assembly of your watch, parts need replacement or problems with the movement occur.



In some cases while re-assembling the parts refinished, some minor adjustments may be required on the parts refinished for fitting, after the refinishing process. We take every possible precaution and care to ensure proper fitting, however this is not a production process and every item worked on has individual problems and needs that need addressing. Your co-operation is vital on this matter.

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