​Re-finishing Watch Cases for the International Watch Community.

service international de refinition de boitiers de montre


Watch case repair


It is also possible to fill any holes or extremely worn areas. In these cases we need to examine your watch case in person and an estimate will follow before proceeding with any work.

Watch case re-plating

We re-plate cases in Nickel, Gold, Silver, Rhodium and a number of different colors.

Leather straps


We offer a variety of watch leather straps all manufactured in France. Top quality or economical, we've got them all. Please contact us should you need something specific.

Precision welding

We offer precision welding on pieces that do not resist heat. We can weld most metals including stainless steel.

Watch case re-finishing

We will remove to the best possible all scratches and dents from your watch case, and give it the desired finish before the plating procedure. Unless otherwise requested by you, we will refinish it as much as possible to its original look, or we may give it a look that we think it's best considering it's condition.